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Kida's FFXI Fishing Database
Please also visit Disciples of the Land.com

Kida's FFXI Fishing Database for fishers in Final Fantasy XI

2011-08-22 Sorry for the downtime

I have moved to a new server and this has caused some problems for the site. I am not really supporting the site any more. I believe I started it back in 2004 and now seven years later I have not done an update for a very long time. I am going to go through some of the comments that you have submitted and see if there are some that should be implemented. I am currently working a lot on the Disciples of the Land.com website I have started (see below) and this takes up all my nerdy-sit-infront-off-the-computer-time. I am going to check in now and then and I did put quite a lot of work into getting the site running again. Previously I used an Access Database (yes I know but remember we started 7 years ago). All data is now in a MSSQL Database and this meant I had to replace all communication with the database.
I hope that some of you still want to use the site and that you get some enjoyment from the data gathered here. If you have any comments or things you want done look me up at the forum of Disciples of the Land. I am as always Kida... see ya there...

Disciples of the Land is online

Hi fellow fishermen of Final Fantasy. Regarding the topic below I have now started a new homepage called Disciples of the Land.com. So far there is not much information to find at the site. Two reasons for this. 1: We are not allowed to give out information about the game yet and 2: we are not in the beta SIGH. So we are guessing at how the structure of the information is going to be and trying to get as far as we can before the release in September. We would love it if you would join the discussion at the forum and I hope you will find some information that you may find interesting.

I know the site I linked to some months ago never really got made. I promise that this will be very different. FFXIII never really caught my attention and I really wasn't that motivated. I hope you will like this new site better. Once again please go check out Disciples of the Land.com.

FFXIV Comming

As you are probably all aware FFXIV is soon comming. I know that there will be fishing in FFXIV as well as FFXI and I think once again finalfishing should be the best resource for getting information about ingame fishing. But I don't have all that much time for running around getting all the information needed to maintain a site like this. This was made 7 years ago before I got wife, kid and job so as you can understand I don't have the time I used to. What this site is is some great moderators, a facelift and a new database. I was thinking about making a system that could be maintained by moderators. There would be a forum as well where people would be able to disguss the greatest strategies and so forth...

So... are you interested in becoming a moderator? Please let me know by mailing me at kida.fishing at gmail.com. I will try to get a group together to disguss how the system should work. Ofcourse nothing can be made 100% as the game hasn't been released yet, but maybe some of you are beta testers? I applied for a beta test account but heard nothing yet.

Hope to hear from you soon :D

Many kind regards

Welcome to Kida's FFXI Fishing Database. This page is dedicated to fishing in the game Final Fantasy XI (FFXI). I had some ideas that I would like to implement and bring out to the public. This site is meant as the ultimate fishing resource for people playing FFXI. I want people who fish to be able to find excactly what they need right here. Also I want the data to be as updated as possible.

The FFXI timer I use is inspired by the timer made by Mithra Pride. I would like to thank them for the amazing job they have done with this timer.

I hope that everybody will help me with this page. Collecting all the data alone is a huge task and I believe rather impossible to do for a single person. Therefore I have made a page dedicated to comments and corrections. I plan for this database to be the most up to date resource on the net when it comes to fishing in FFXI. The comments section is not only for updates but for all you have to say. Does the database need a new attribute, do you feel the page would benefit from a new feature, do you hate the design? Tell me and I will see what I can do. I will appreciate every comment you may have (also positive criticism d(',^).

2010-03-21 FFXIIIOnline.com

I just got the newest instalment of Final Fantasy (FFXIII) last week. A decided that there was no real source of information on this game on the net. I found a lot of pre-release information but no database per se. So I decided to make one. I bought FFXIIIOnline.com and started making a website. It is now more or less finished. Ofcourse it lacks all the information but the framework is in order. So if you are interested in FFXIII please visit FFXIIIOnline.com. If you are hardcore gamer and would like to be a part of the administration of the site let me know. We are always looking for great moderators who will help enter information. I also got a forum up and running so if you have any interest in this game at all PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me by joining at www.ffxiiionline.com/forum. It is very hard to get a forum up and running as no one wants to join a forum with three members LOL. But you would make a great difference by joining up.

2009-03-09 Yet another website

A lot of you may know about Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO) and may even play it besides FFXI. I can highly recommend LOTRO as a game besides FFXI. I thought I would make all of my visitors here aware of another site I have made. Fishing is also possible in Lord of the Rings Online and I have made a site called Lord of the Rings Online Fishing or simply Lotro fishing. So far all the content is not up yet, but there is a basic guide and other usefull information. So if you are in to fishing in Lotro or want to check it out please go to www.lotrofishing.com

2008-04-21 Corrections working again

For some time the corrections have not been working. I don't know what happened but the page was completly blank. Had to make it work again and time is not some thing I have a lot of these days. But I finally got around to doing it and I hope you will send more corrections once again.

2008-02-08 Corrections to FFXI Fish Database

I have now made some changes to the database. First of all I had all the Wings of the Goddess fish in the old areas. They have now been removed and new areas with [S] has been added to the database. Also a lot of the corrections from this site has been implemented into the database. As you will see the list of not-updated-corrections has been drastically reduced. I still have some mails I haven't gone through but I have put a lot of time into the updates and will see if I can make some more soon. Enjoy d(',^)

2008-01-21 FFXI Wings of the Goddess update

Once again has it been a while. But finally an update was due in order to get some of all the fish from the latest expansion in to the database. I haven't gotten the expansion myself as time has been pretty sparse for the last long time. But I hope you will take a look at the updated database. I have included the following fish: Bastore Sweeper, Brass Loach, Ca Cuong, Gigant Octopus, Gerrothorax, Abaia, Matsya, Garpike, Megalodon, Pirarucu, Trumpet shell, as well as Black and Red Bubble Eye. I know the to last are not really fishable but I included them any way as I stumbled upon them. Also I have included the new areas: Vunkerl Inlet and Grauberg. Please keep me updated with corrections if you have anything missing, you can go here to submit Corrections

2007-06-05 New updates to FFXI Fishing database

Hope everybody still enjoy the database. I am still trying to keep it updated as much as I can, but no way could I do it with all your help. Have as ussual been rather busy. My girlfriend and I just bought a new appartment and moving was quite a task. But we are settling in now and everything looks to be great. Hope all of you are still fishing out there in FFXI. I am so happy to see that so many people are still playing the game. FFXI will be around for quite a while I guess, and as long as people are fishing I will try to keep the database updated :)

2007-01-24 New updates to datebase

A lot of updates have poured in. I have updated the FFXI database so that most of the corrections have been handled. Some of them are still there though. If you wanna help it would be great if you could take a look at them... log in to FFXI... test it out and drop me a comment.

On a side note... I have considered making a fishing database for WoW. I know it wouldn't be as complicated as this one since there aren't as many factors when fishing in Wow. But if you are interested let me know... just send me an email from the correctionspage... all I need is a "Yes" or a "No" ^^. But don't worry, this page will continue being updated as long as I get corrections.

2006-12-04 New updates to datebase

Once again I have updated the FFXI Fishing database with corrections from all of you users. Mostly people use the section for submitting errors or updates but I also get some emails now and then. I haven't been very good at replying to all of you but I will try to keep the database as updated as possible. I am currently working on some other projects too (not really related to FFXI). Have you seen the new James Bond movie? If you have you will now that the bad guy was called Le Chiffre. This character was played by a danish actor called Mads Mikkelsen. I have made a site about him so if you want to know a little more about him go to my Mads Mikkelsen site. :) The site is totally complete yet but there is some info, and I am going to work on it a bit tonight.

Are you guys playing ffxii? The game hasn't come to Denmark yet but I can't wait... it really looks cool.

2006-09-08 Updates updates updates

Updates... yes I have done a lot of them. The list had been growing in my absense and I finally got around to doing them. A lot of recipies have been added and I have tried to get most of the caps for the FFXI ToAU-fish. Also the new feature described below has been implemented. Hope you like it. I will see if I can get the last of the recipies up and running tomorrow but right now I am rather tired and need to get some sleep.

2006-08-27 Sorry for the absense

Wow... it's been a while, I know. I have been on a three week vacation with my girlfriend (No FFXI for me LOL). This year we went to southern France and it was a wonderful trip. Nice to get away from work and everything. But... and there is always a but... I haven't been able to update the site and implement all the corrections that have been submitted. And on top on that... when we got back there was no internet as I have been trying to change ISP (even more of: No FFXI). It has been like this for a while and I am not sure when it will be up and running so I am making an update from work.

But I have been making some updates to the site. First of all I will make rodbreaks a little more precise. You will find new icons in the database, the fishsection and the rodsection. When all the information have been gathered you will be able to know excactly what to expect when catching a certain fish with any rod in FFXI. I have made five icons indicating different situations. First there is Possible line break (). If the fish can break the line this icon will be next to the rod. Then there is the icon for Possible rod break ()... Same as above. Next is Too small is possible () which will appear if there is a chance the fish will get off the hook if it is too small. Also you will find the icon that is most significant... the Rod is good-icon () which will be present if the rod is able to reel in the fish. Remember that even though this icon appear it is not an indicator of an unbreakable rod. It can be combined with other icons. For example if you are fishing for Bastore Breams with a Halcyon rod you will see both these icons: and since the rod will be able to catch the bastore bream but there is a chance the line will break. If you change to rod to a composite rod you will see these icons: and as the composite will catch the bastore bream but there is a risk it will be too small.

The last icon you will see is Not Available () which I of course hope will be completely gone in time since this indicates that there is no information about the rod yet.

Well that was all. I am glad to be back and hope you will find that the changes have improved the site. I will get back to fishing in FFXI... it's been a while d('.^)

2006-06-23 Some moving around

Have made some minnor updates to the database, based on information recieved through corrections and own experiences ^^
Also moved some of the elements of the page around a bit. Made a new topbanner and removed the ads there. I have also made a smaller banner. If any of you want to use it please feel free to link to me ^^ the address to the big banner (as seen above) is: http://www.finalfishing.com/images/banner_480x60.gif and the address of the small banner below is: http://www.finalfishing.com/images/banner_100x50.jpg. I know some of you are linking to this site and I want you to know that I appreciate it. ^^

Kida's FFXI Fishing Database

2006-06-13 Just a little update

For the past month or so I haven't made any real changes to the site. I keep updating the database with all the corrections I am getting and I must say that people are good at submitting. A lot of the new fish are getting more and more defined. I have submitted my site to the Top200 FFXI Sites so if you want to cast a vote please do ^.^

Other than that not much is new. I still hope people enjoy the site and I can tell by the many visitors that I must do something right.

2006-05-11 So much design in so short a time... and then som updates ^^

As you can see a lot of things have happened here at the site. I was a bit annoyed with the old design and thought it was time for something new... and Lo and Behold... this is what I came up with and I REAAAALLY hope you like it. Since I started my new job I have learned a lot about programming and designing and I feel this is a great place to try things out. The page has now been designed with masterpages to all of you that it means anything :P

Also I have done a lot of updates. With all the new areas and fish in FFXI I thought that maybe I should loosen a bit up on the "3 votes"-rule. People where starting to make the same corrections because there where too many. Also I must admit I thought that more votes would be cast. But never the less there are still a lot of active updates that need votes.

The last thing I would like to draw your attention to is the QuickFind dropdown boxes on the left. I came up with the idea after I had made the menu and I felt the left side was a bit empty. I think it is a great way to use the space and will give you users a great way to find a fish, area, rod or bait from anywhere on the site ^^ (can you all hear how proud I am LOL) Oh well... I hope you like it... it's the small things you know...

2006-04-18 Updates are pouring in

The comments are comming faster than ever. I am so happy I made the new section for them. So far more than 200 comments and votes have been entered and 15 updates have been made. I must admit that even though I enter most of the info I gather I have been entering info without posting. If the info has only been about size, price or stackable I have not posted it first. That being said I have used the section very much as I can see you all have too. I would like to thank you all and tell you how much it is appreciated. Also I would like to add a little advise. If you have been fishing and found some things you would like to add make sure to write the name of the fish first. This way other users can search the page and find comments related to the fish they have info on. Also please read the instructions.

2006-04-22 New design on some of the pages

I decided that I wanted some of the pages to be a bit nicer to look at so I chose a new color (yes... another blue LOL) and made some changes to the Fish-page, the map-page and the comments. I think it looks nicer now and is a bit easier to separate the different info on the fish. Hope you agree and like it ^^

2006-04-18 Treasues of Aht Urhgan

So FFXI expansion ToA is here... and this means a lot of updates. So far I have found all the fish names, descriptions and pictures. I have also entered all the areas but still have no maps but they will come as soon as I get my hands on them. I hope everybody will help me get the database updated as fast as possible and that you will use the new board for this. Other than that I can only wish you all happy fishing in all the new areas... and let me know if you find something interesting ^^

2006-04-17 Corrections to comments board

I was a bit tired the other day when I made the comments board. Today I have been working on it a bit more and corrected some of the errors. I still need to get some things done in order for it to be as I want it but I am getting there.

On another note... I just ordered the FFXI ToA expansion and I am looking forward to getting it in the mail. I know that I may be a bit late but I did order it before the release. The problem is that I am in Europe and it has to be send across the Atlantic *sigh* Oh well I will get it soon enough. But the new expansion also means a lot of updates and I hope you will all help me getting the database up to date. Are there going to be new fish? What are the areas and are there anything being changed? Can't wait to get my hands on it and go explore. Dang it... only level 41 as paladin... will I even be able to go anywhere... and I still don't have more than rank 2 LOL. I always fish. Well we just have to wait and see but I promise that the database will be updated.

2006-04-16 New Comments board

OK I wanted to try something new. The comments section has been out of order since I moved the site. So why not make a board where people can write the corrections they have and give other users an opportunity to rectify the information. The board is not completed... it has a lot of errors but I have spent 6 hours on it now and I am very tired (5 am in the morning lol). If you have any corrections and dont want to use the board you can always write to me: kida.fishing@gmail.com

2006-04-09 New Server and domainname

Well it had to happen. I changed servers. For a long time this site has been hosted on one of my friend's servers and I would like to thank him a lot for the time I have been enjoying free hosting. The site has been around for some time now and even though it has been great I thought it was time to move up a bit. There have been problems along the road... downtime and lag has not been uncommon so I decided to chip in... buy my own domain and get some professional hosting. I hope you like the new domain name: FinalFishing.com and I hope that there will be more uptime in the future so everybody will have a better experience and no "service unavailable" messages. I am going to make a page in kida.theill.com redirecting to this page so everybody will be able to find the new site. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do ^^

2006-03-17 New FFXI Moons are up

I have had some comments that my moon was all wrong at certain times. I have found some new moon pictures and revised the way the pictures were shown. There are now no less than 24 different pictures to show the moon as accurate as possible. I hope that they are as they should be, I have tried testing various moonphases and they seem ok. If you see anything "strange" please let me know since this should be right.

On another note.... I have made a page friendly to mobile devices like phones and palmpilots after request. This page is a very "no frills" version of the fish section. You will be able to choose a fish and see the information about it but not anything else. If you want to check it out you can go here... (there is also a link in the fish section). I hope people will use this option as I know there are people out there who don't have a second computer and use their palms or other devices.

2006-03-16 Yay FTP up and running!!!

Ok so the ftp is up and running again. I have made a lot of updates to the database since my last writing. First of all there has been a lot of emails that I have replied to. But also I have found out how to get your hands on almost all fishing gear. If you check the rods or baits section you will see that I have included vendors that sell the items and mobs that drop the items. This way you can always find out how to obtain a certain piece of fishing gear. Hope this will be usefull. Next up is the moonphases... I have been told that they are not as they should be when in the extreems. I have found some new pictures I will use and I have some more which will make it more accurate compared to the percentage of moon at any given moment.

2006-02-27 Looking for FFXI Maps? Look no further

OK this headline might be a bit of an exageration but today I have found almost all maps of FFXI. I still need to mark the fishing spots on a lot of them but getting the maps is a good start. Now I need to fire up photoshop and get the information on the exact locations. Also I have made some minor corrections to the database... nothing major since I also uploaded yesterday (and the day before LOL). But I hope you will find the area section a bit more usefull now that all the maps are up and running.

2006-02-26 Looking for FFXI recipies? Look no further

So I decided to get the recipies done and lo... I have collected all recipies that in some way include a fish that is in the database. Took me a while to find them all.. thanks to allakazham and somepage I got what I needed. I still need some recipies for items but I felt they where secondary. So now whenever you catch a fish you will be able to find a use for it right here d('.^)

With that done I will turn my attention to the map section again... that reminds me. I have to investigate Qufim. Got a mail that told me that Qufim is actually five different spots (I only have three). Does anyone have any information on what can be caught where? The pond is not a problem. This spot will stay as it is. The thing is that there are four different spots along the coast line. North east, South east, North west and South west. North east is currently referred to as North in the database and include Gigant Squid, while South west (I believe) is referred to as South and include Three-eyed fish. The thing I need to know is what does the last two areas contain. Are they the same? Well I will have to find out. If you have any info on this I would appreciate some help.

2006-02-25 More updates and recipes

New updates has been made. I still get a lot of updates through this site and I expect that they will keep comming for a long time. I try to keep up with all the comments I get and I have gotten some great ideas from you users of the site. As you can see below I have made a list of what things that need to get done and they have top priority since I feel that the information on this site should be completed (or close to completed) before I start adding more features that need even more information. The first thing on the list is recipes for all the fish and I have added some these past days. The last couple of weeks I have had some problems with the ftp server I use to upload the info. This is why you see the comments for the 18th and today for the first time today. I have not been able to upload and therefore the updates of the 18th has happened today. By the way... does anyone even read these comments? If you do could I ask you to send me a mail saying "I read the comments"? Thank you ^^

2006-02-18 Recipes addded in fish section

I have added recipes for fish in the fish section. This way you will be able to find a use for all those fish you catch. So far I have entered only 10% of all the recipes on fish but I will keep adding as much as possible. The problem is always entering the info :P I have promised to enter more data on areas and bait and fish and I will get around to it. It takes a long time to find the info and get it writed down but I guess I will just have to take the time and go on slowly. Sooner or later all the info will be in place. My first priority right now is getting all recipes on fish, then I will find maps and enter fishing spots. Then I will get info on where to get fish, rods and baits (in that order) and then I will continue describing fish, area and bait (also in that order). Whoa that's a lot of info LOL but now you know how the work will progress. Lastly when all this is done I will look at the guild points system and see if I can find a way to get this to work.

2006-02-04 Bait and Lure section has been finished

The bait and lure section is now up and running. It is possible to get recipies for all the baits and lures that have a recipe. This way people will be able to see how they can produce their own fishing equipment. I still have no information on the different lures and bait but as with all the information in this database I will get the information written when I have the time. I would like to include information about where the different items can be bought as well and maybe if it drops from mobs. As with rods I have made a link to this new section from the fish section. Also I have updated the database a couple of times with information from users. Thank you everybody.

2006-01-27 Fishing rod section has been finished

To day I have found a lot of info on all the rods in the database. It is now possible to get a small description of each rod and see how to make one. I have listed the different recipies for all the rods for easy reference. The descriptions of the rods have been taken from Akirus' guide. My plan is to make the bait section very simular and include recipies for all fish (that is recipies that include the target fish) so it will be easy to see how the things you catch can be used to generate a better income.

Also I have made link from fish section to area section and from fish section to rod section to make it easier to navigate between the different pages and find the relevant information faster.

2006-01-26 Work on the fish section and monsters in areas

I have trimmed the database a bit. I hope that people will like the changes. First of all I have removed information about value and guildpoints. Then I have made a link to make it easy to access this information without having to look the fish up in the fish section. I hope you will see this as an advantage and not as something bad. If you are looking for guild points of a certain fish it might be faster to look it up in the fish section.

I have also updated the monsters in the different areas. It is now possible to see all the monsters that can be caught at any location. Most monsters have level desriptions so you wont be catching your own death when out in some of the higher level areas. Also I have made some updates to the general information in the database (submissions from users).

2006-01-24 Work on the fish section

I made a new section where it will be possible to find more detailed information on every single fish. I will make a link from the database to every single fish when a query is made. The reason I am making this section is that I felt the database was a bit crowded. I want to trim it down a bit and show less information (like value and maybe size) and then if someone wants more information they will easily access this by clicking on either the name or the picture of the fish. Also I have made room for two other sections: Bait / Lures and Fishing rods. I want to describe all the different items, how to get them and maybe recipies on how to make them. This is still a bit into the future, and I hope people will be ok with a couple of blank pages.

I knwo I should be working on getting information up on the page for people to use instead of making new features but I would like to get the framework in place first. I promise I will get more information to the map section soon. It takes a while to describe the different areas and it is a lot of work but I will get there. Also Akirus has made some updates to his guide and I have updated accordingly. Thank you Akuris. And last but not least I have made some updates to the database. Great to see that people a still sending me comments.

2006-01-20 Work on the map section... now a bit closer to finished

To day I have worked a bit more on the map section. New maps have been added and I have selected data from the database in order for the user to view the fish that are catchable in the area. I have also made a link from the database to the map section so that when you have an area of a fish you can click it and get information on the area. Also I have applied to become a playonline site. This probably means I will have one of their banners on my page soon... let's see what happens.

And on a sidenote... yesterday I got my Lu Shang's fishing rod. Wow at last I got it after years (well 1� year) of fishing I finally turned in the last moat carp. I wanted to test it straight away so I went to East Sarubaruta to catch some Gold Lobsters which where the guild fish of the day (note to one self: Get guild items table up and running). I caught a stack+ turned them in and guess what... I hit 70,000 GP and traded them in for Waders. Yes... I feel renewed on a whole new level LOL. Now I can really get some fishing done. I am looking forward to getting it all tested. Think I will try the ferry for some Noble Ladies.

2006-01-17 New maps section... even though its not even close to finished

I have now started a new project... the maps section. As you can see I have something up and running. So far it is not very interesting but I hope it will be in time. I want to display maps where it is very obvious to see where you should fish in order to be in the right place. Areas like Jugner Forest have three different fishing areas and in order to target the right fish you have to be in the right spot. So a place like Jugner Forest will have three different maps so people will never be in doubt where they should be in order to be at fx lake, river or crystal spring.

Also I have made various updates to the database, but that is hardly anything new any more LOL. Lots and lots of updates ^^ Keep 'em comming is what I say.

2006-01-11 Updates to database and new additions to site

This time I have made som updates to the database. Vongola Clam has been added and then I have recieved a lot of other corrections I have updated.
Also I have made a small adjustment to the daytable. It had an error when choosing full moon, new moon and now... they where mixed up. Also I have added a new dropdown list that makes it possible to select fish within a certain skill range instead of just fish up to a certain level. Other than that not much is new. Oh wait... I sorted the dropdownlists so that area fx wouldn't be all random. They have now been alphebatized according to name of area. This also goes for bait and rods although this wasn't as critical. Hope you like the additions.

In other news... I am considering how to make the guild fish of the day. Wanted to make some kind of system where the users submit information but it would have to be some kind of voting system. Not quite sure how to do this but I am looking into it. If you have any suggestion you are welcome to send them to me.

2006-01-04 Daytable has been finished

The last button on the clock now has some funtionality. This features a Day Table that shows information about the five comming days (ingame). It is possible to choose different categories (like the day or full moon) and the next days in this category will be displayed.
Also I have updated the database. I have had some problems connecting to the ftp I use but they have been corrected and I can once again update the page.

2005-12-27 Corrections made to database

Many people have sent me corrections and I have updated the database accordingly. I had completely forgottten most rusty items but they have now been entered even though I still need to do some updating on them. But you can find them all now ^^

2005-12-22 Making more corrections

OK A lot of people have told me that I shouldn't load the entire page when first clicking the database. So I changed it ^^ When you first enter the database no fish will be shown untill you either choose a fish from the dropdown list or you run a query.

Was sitting playing a bit with PhotoShop. Must admit I am not the most talented when it comes to graphics, but I wanted to make a banner that people could use if the wanted to link to my page. I came up with the following....

So if you have a homepage and would like to link to this page all you have to do is take the following and paste in to your code: <a href="http://kida.theill.com"><img src="http://kida.theill.com/images/referral.gif"></a>

I am also looking at the timer. I have gotten guild opening hours and ferry schedule up and running. Now I only need to get moonphases done. Maybe I will get more timers running like RSE or airshipschedule, but for now I think the most essential things are covered.

I wanted to make it more obvious that a mail had been sent so I made a message that will appear when you send a comment.

2005-12-20 New things have been done

To day I wanted to get a lot of things done. I don't have too much time for the site so when I work I have to make the time worth it. I have made a lot of changes to the stylesheet and the pictures for the menu. I have decided on a blue navyish look since we are talking about fish here. Also added bannerads from google. Have tried to keep it very discreet but want to ad them since I have to pay a bit for connection and server.

I have gotten a lot of great feed back since the site came up and running (even though it hasn't been a week yet). I have made corrections to the database, want to keep it updated. A couple of fish have been added and some errors in data has been corrected. I want to make sure that people get the feeling they can trust me to keep things updated. So send in your corrections and data.

2005-12-16 Getting the site up and running

At last. I have planned this site for a very long time. One my good old friends had agreed to lend me some space on one of his servers and to day we got it up and running. We agreed on the address kida.theill.com. I think the name is pretty good and now we just need to get everything in order. I still have a lot to do before everything is as I want it to be. Posted on allakhazam and told the community that the site was up and running. Hoping I will get some nice feedback and that you all will like the site.

I was thinking also... if any one are interested in a newsletter let me know. I was thinking that maybe it would be a good idea but I don't know if anyone would sign up. Go to commentssection and send me a mail if you think its a good idea.

2005-12-09 Finishing the site

Still so much to do and so little time. I had hoped to have the site up and running before the december FFXI update, but I will not have nearly everything ready by then. I will definetly not get the maps ready and the guild items section will also be on hold. I guess the main thing to get up is the database and the comments sections wich are more or less finished.

I think the update on the 12th of december will be very exciting. I am looking forward to the new fishing ranking. I read on the official FFXI page that the fish caught in these tournaments will be mostly based on size and weight. This made me add these to the database so fishers would be able to see wether the fish they caught where big or small compared to what could be expected. I hope this feature will bring some amount of security when handign in the fish. Of course I still don't know how the new system will work, but I can always make corrections ^^

As you can hopefully see by now (still working on the page as I write this) the page features some adds from google. These may or may not be from sites selling gils. I will tell you that I do not support gilselling. I can understand why people might be tempted by these sites but that being said I think it is bad for in-game economy. Still they help me finance the server and so on. Also if you would like to make a donation you will find a link for this under "Misc". I use paypal and appreciate all offers.